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AUGUST 10, 2021

In response to social distancing practices, the Brandon Academic Success Center will maintain limited on-campus hours this semester. The ASC will continue to maintain extensive ONLINE hours.


Please see the following for videos:

How-to Make an Account

How-to Make an Appointment - COMMUNICATION CENTER

How-to Make an Appointment - STEM CENTER

How-to Make an Appointment - BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY CENTER

How-to Start a Tutoring Session


Tips & Tricks To Get the Most Out of the ASC Online: General Tips

Tips & Tricks: Using a Tablet or Phone to access the ASC Online

Tips & Tricks: Download Microsoft Office


Online Resources - handouts, pamphlets, guides, etc.


Questions about Tutoring:

Email us at: myascbrandon@gmail.com

Please take into account that it may take us more time than usual to get back to you given our reduced staffing. Thanks!



Welcome to the online scheduling portal for the Academic Success Center at HCC Brandon!

The ASC has wonderful, free* services available to currently enrolled HCC students from any campus including:

  • One-on-one support for your classes
  • Study groups
  • Student Success Coach
  • Workshops

*We don't charge fees at the door for these services because you've already paid for them with your tuition fees. It's your space!


Help us to help you!

If your account was created by the ASC, your default account information will include the following:

  • Default email:
  • Default password: [Capital First initial of your first name]+[Lower case first initial of your last name]+[student ID#]
    • For example, if your name is John Smith with the student ID 01234567, then your password is Js01234567

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